Baranya’s historical and cultural heritage is exuberant. Hungary has always been in the centre between East and West and it still is. A rich history gives his multi-cultural nature to the Baranya region. Many Turkish architectural monuments, an early Christian underground town in Pécs, the influences of German, Austrian and Balkan cultures give a unique vibe in the Southern hills of Hungary.

Mohács, at the riverbank of the Danube was the place where the Turks where driven away. This is remembered every winter with a by Unesco protected festival. Men are dressed in long animal hides and fierce masks. With big rattles they come by boat from the wetlands to frighten the people in town. Mohács, a memorial town where legend and history meet eachother.


All over the Baranya little museums and festivals show old traditions and folklore. Although there is no real need for museums to travel back in time. In many places horse carts and scythes are used in everyday life. Villagers are, and may be proud of their preserved and respected knowledge and traditions.

A visit to Pécs, capital of the County, will never be missed by a Baranya traveler. The old town centre, Unesco World Heritage, is a collection of buildings straight from history books that are still in use in daily life. The museums of the city give insight in history as well in modern arts. The bright mix of Erasmus students’ nationalities and growing tourism keep the multicultural city alive as it has always been.



Pécs: Cultural and historical hotspot

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Bikal: Medieval theme park

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Pécsvárad castle

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Mohács: History and folklore

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Kemencés udvar



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Szekszárd: Arts and wine


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Kaposvár: Arts

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Siklós castle


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Szigetvár castle


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