wellness & thermal baths

The many thermal springs deeply rooted wellness into the Hungarian culture. A full day of wellness or just an evening under the stars: a truly relaxing experience for your body and soul are part of everybody’s trip to Hungary.

Only 2 km outside our village Bodolyabér one of the best spas of the Baranya and the biggest sauna park of Southern Transdanubia is located, the thermal baths of Magyarhertelend. Inside and outside the medicinal waters, saunas, massages and playing facilities for kids make it a pleasant spa for all ages. You can use the tandem bicycles of Hunza to drive up and down. The composition of the water in Magyarhertelend is beneficial to rheumatic, arthritic, circulatory and neurological diseases.

Harkány thermal baths, at 50 minutes driving from Hunza, is renowned for prevention and treatment of locomotor and arthritic disorders,for improving a condition of osteoporosis, chronic gynaecological inflammations, and disorders of the lymphatic circulation.

The spa of Kaposvár has connected an amazing aqua park to the thermal baths and became the biggest water park of the province with its 4400 m² of water surface, an experience never to forget.


Magyarhertelend: Wellness and thermal baths

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Orfü aquapark

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Harkány: Wellness and thermal baths

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Sikonda: Wellness and thermal baths



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Kaposvár: Wellness and thermal baths

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