The Hungarian cuisine is known for its stews made above a wood fire, with pickled vegetables on the side and a red wine to support the aromas of paprika.

Very honest, fresh food which gently pleases the whole family. After your meal visiting one of the many “cukrazdas” for one of the typical pies and beloved desserts shouldn’t be missed. On the countryside as in the cities hospitable restaurants will offer friendly service to their guests.

Since a few years, the finer cuisine makes his entry in wine villages and towns. In Pécs, Villány and Szekszárd quality wines go hand in hand with nice restaurants. Chefs with international experience are locally developing their own style. The Pécsi bistronomy is boosting, and this in an interesting positive way. Wine bars, a wine magazine of the region, many tastings and gastronomic festivals are expressions of the gastronomical evolution in Southern Hungary. Wine and viticulture courses and the wine research institute pass knowledge to next generations. There is a lot to discover without necessarily spending a huge budget.


At the Hunza ecolodge the Food Vibrations concepts offer something new and different for the region. Next to the organic garden, you will enjoy the freshest food, workshops and homemade products. Our vision is clear, gastronomy and ecology definitely fit together and are celebrated around a big table in our lodge.

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Pécs: Wine region and gastronomical hotspot

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Szekszárd: Wine region

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Villány: Wine region

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Tolna: Wine region

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